What is an Escape Room

Historical reminder

A little historical reminder of what an escape room, escape game or life-size escape game is: (source wikipedia.fr)
Escape games (or escape games in English) are the physical version of the escape the room type of video game.
The game consists mostly of escaping from a room in a limited time (usually one hour) and is practiced mainly in groups of several people, even if concepts exist for one person (Lockdown in Singapore by example).

In groups of two to ten participants, players must look for clues scattered in a room, then combine them to advance in the enigma and out of the room. Some escape games are built around a story, while others offer a succession of logic games disconnected from each other.
More and more escape games offer their puzzles in duplicate. Thus two teams can compete and try to solve the same puzzle. The goal being to leave the room before the opposing team. The first known electronic escape games are the work of the Japanese Toshimitsu Takagi4 who created in 2005 games such as Crimson Room and QP-Shot5.

Since 2006 young Japanese and Hong Kong have been the first to create life-size simulations of this kind of game for practice in parties or bars. (source wikipedia.fr)