Come participate in the 1st World Championship of Escape Room

Here is the description of what you’ll experience inside each of our package
Discovery Pack at 399€

From Monday to Wednesday
From Tuesday to Thursday
From Wednesday to Friday
Restaurants are included except each breakfast.
5 Escape Rooms from the selection(Detail of each rooms can be found underneath).
ERA World Championship Participation Fees.
Every Transport inside of Sofia between each rooms.

Privilege Pack at 499€

From Thursday to Saturday
From Friday to Sunday
From Saturday to Monday
2 Nights at the Novotel Hotel in Sofia.
All Restaurants are included.
5 Escape Rooms from the selection (Detail of each rooms can be found underneath).
ERA World Championship Participation Fees.
Every Transport inside of Sofia between each rooms.

Hotel informations :

Rooms used during the Championship :


When a dangerous invention was given to the Detective, he understood that his mission is not an ordinary one. So he gave his word to hide and protect it from the wrong hands…
Will you be able to solve the secret of The Time Machine? Can you solve the riddles in the Detective’s cabinet? You have only 60 minutes!
You will feel the exquisite atmosphere of 19th century, that was inspired by great detectives like Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. The interior is intended to make you feel like you live in another world. Actually you may not want to go back.

Open your eyes. The world is limiting your mind. Every day. Every second. Think. For the crowd, that gives you answers instead of questions. For the traffic, that sets your direction. For the technologies, that encode your relationships. Your mind is a prisoner of an invisible system that controls you. Enter into The MaTRICK Room. Defeat the system. Unlock your mind.
Unique technological riddles for WOW effects. Visual precision. A story that will wake up your mind for mysteries and tricky interpretations. Wake up. You are the ONE!
The game do not require any special knowledge,mathematical or programming skills. It’s not a must to have watched the MATRIX movie however it would enrich your experience.
The Prohibition Epoch in USA – the best years for bad boys who want a fast success!
Al Capone is building his mob empire thanks to bars with forbidden alcohol, gambling and illegal deals. Playing his games can make you rich… or dead! Wanna reveal the bad guy hidden in you? Wanna beat all puzzles the Mafia left for you?
The 3KEY Escape Bar (the former Questopia’s escape room) will challenge your criminal mind with original tricky puzzles in Mafia style and authentic atmosphere.

Humanity needs a new energy source and within the lost Atlantis, lies the heart of Poseidon. Marked by the sins of its kings, destroyed by Zeus, it still guards this treasure. Within the depths of the abyss, it calls you – the worthiest of the worthy – to unravel the ball of mysteries. If you are not afraid of the ancient traps, sign up for the expedition! Leave a normal man, return a hero!.

“Sofia, 2018, the underground… rivals are producing a mesmerizing product, which silently, but surely takes over the capital. The specific crystal blue color of this amphetamine produces unmeasurable revenue in the drug business.” To survive in the harsh business, you have to play unfair. In this “game” you’re either the best, or the market leaves you behind. BlueLab calls for your audacity.
Gather your crew, enter the core of the cartel, learn how to cook by the blue recipe, and escape unharmed, or you’re all doomed. A hidden lab, 4 security levels, one secret formula, 88 minutes, and you. If THEY come back and you’re still inside, you’re dead.
The secret drug lab is one of the longest and hardest escape rooms in Sofia. The game requires various skills – observability, dexterity, teamwork, logic, synchronization between the teammates. It’s not required to know a certain language to play. There’s nothing to read in the room, everything is before your eyes, you just have to notice it.

International organization, developing an innovative substance, is using our escape room for the purposes of its experiments.
The chemical (substance) with a work name CinQ5 enters (is absorbed in) the organism imperceptibly and stimulates the mental processes. Your perceptions (senses) change and quickly transfer you to a completely different reality….
But… by 1 hour you must take a second component.
Otherwise, the CinQ5’s effect becomes permanent (irreversible)….
Enter a different world and use your new abilities to find the way to the Second Component!
We dare you to take part in The Experiment!

mysterious sculpture, built by order of William Webster, in the inner yard of CIA. For 27 years, nobody has managed to solve all encoded messages in it. Are you ready to accept this based on true story challenge and discover the secret of Kryptos? No padlocks, keys or keyholes – every detail is designed to fulfill its role in this high-tech room. For 75 minutes you will be surrounded by light, sound and intellectual challenges.

This is a special place. A place, where you will make a change in yourself.
Have you ever thought about how much you care about your life?
We will give you 75 minutes, to prove to yourself how much you care about the greatest gift.
Face the challenge, which many call an escape room. Feel the need to escape and run away.

A story based on actual events…
A cold case which remained unsolved….
A family life – changed forever…
A story which shocked everyone…
Renowned as one of the best Adrenaline real-life escape games in the world.