Share Your Story !
Every Escaper has a favorite moment during his/her career, ERA love to create and/or share this feeling with everyone.

This is why from the 25 of June to the 31 of July 2019 you can share your best memory or story about Escape Rooms you’ve had or heard, to thank you for this moment, ERA will offer you the 6th Escape Room during your stay in Season 2 and if all four members of the team join this event and share with the world an exciting story, all the team will earn one more night in Sofia ! but that doesn’t stop there ! They will also be able to visit the place where the final is being build and sign the wall with their name, to always be a part of ERA World Championship Final !

If you are interested in all these rewards here are the simple rules for the event :

●Each member of the team needs to post a story related to Escape Rooms on one of our social media and on their own page as well ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ), for Instagram use #escaperoomacademy
●At the start of each post Tell us the name of the Team you’ll play in during Season 2 !
●When you book your stay on our website just specify you have participated in this event during the timeline specified.
●Be wary that there is a limited number of team spot for Season 2 and this offer only stand if your team is able to book.
●The extra Night is based on the pack you have chosen, in the case of the discovery pack the hotel will be selected by ERA.